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Early in June 2019 a law was enacted authorizing Florida notaries to perform remote online notarizations. The law outlines the duties and responsibilities of online notaries. There are training requirements and other regulations with which to comply to be commissioned by the Florida Department of State.

The law came into effect as of January 1st, 2020. Little did we know it would be so essential in these times! And yes, notaries provide an essential service, and now we have options to carry on "business as usual" in the best way that we can.

You need to make sure the end user of the document will accept an electronic document instead of a wet signature. Truly, in the overwhelming majority of instances, they do. But just make sure!

How does it work?

Using a computer or laptop equipped with camera and microphone will work best. First, schedule the session with me. Then follow the link in your email invitation and upload the documents for notarization. Identify yourself and answer some knowledge-based questions (KBA) to verify your identity. Meet me online for the notarization session. (As required by law, all remote notarizations are recorded.)

You will download your notarized document at the end of our session. And you are done!